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First-ever tokenized VC’s investment in Italy, immediately liquid: Dpixel and Seed Venture made it!

Great News Seeders!

we are thrilled to jointly announce the first-ever venture investment in Italy natively tokenized, powered by the Seed Venture’s purpose-built set of smart contracts engineered to tokenize the investments and create immediately a secondary market on DeFi protocols, making traditional illiquid investments liquid.

It’s a major milestone reached thanks to the firsts users: dpixel’s venture incubator and its investment target, a B2B credit-sharing innovative startup; the transaction is well promoted by the Sella Group announcement here.

Both participant experienced an innovative way to invest / raise capital and the related main advantages:

  • For dpixel: real experimentation in having the first tokenized startup investment – SAFE based – in its Portfolio and, most importantly, the possibility to sell a small part of it right after the investment was made (they did it!!)
  • For Lendit: first movers in terms of experimenting a new form of raising capital as well as be listed in a peer-to-peer market since day one after the capital was raised, that works initially as a first metric of interest

This first real transaction powered by Seed Venture (see here) represents a concrete validation of an on/off-chain design, in line with the actual market strategy where the solution serve as a private fundraising system, enabling us to bring more real cases to fruition.

In parallel we are still engaged in ongoing discussions with the relevant authorities to obtain the necessary licenses that will enable us to transition the platform’s functionalities from a private mechanism to a public portal. This move will expand our reach and allow us to serve a wider audience while adhering to regulatory requirements.

We are excited about the progress we are making: technically speaking, we are adding new features to our unique EVM-compatible tokenization solution and we look forward to sharing more information about new upgrades and the next upcoming users very soon.

As a short recall of the last year, Seed Venture was chosen and accelerated by dpixel (the Sella Group Venture Incubator) as part of the Italian pioneering program called “Metaverse 4 Finance”. The program received an overwhelming response, with 117 startups from 26 countries applying for the opportunity.

After a rigorous selection process, Seed Venture emerged as one of the six projects to be presented to international investors. The Investor Day was a significant milestone for us, as it provided an opportunity to showcase the project in front of a distinguished audience comprising more than 90 investors, venture capital funds, corporate venture capital entities, and entrepreneurs.

We are finally elated that Dpixel decided to invest in Seed Venture, highlighting their confidence in our vision and potential (more details at the Sella’s official link). We are then grateful for the support and trust placed by them, as well as the opportunity to present our project to a prestigious group of investors.

As we continue to develop our tokenization solution and navigate the regulatory landscape, we are confident that a bright future awaits Seed Venture and the broader DeFi community … so stay tuned for more updates and join us as we aim to revolutionize the world of the startup investing through innovation and collaboration!

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